The meaning of the name Backhurst is 'wood by a stream' so we can only imagine that the original Backhurst's earned their living working the woodland as backwoodsmen. Even today, logs still play a big part in this generations of Backhurst's life.


We have our own wood processor and can supply you with our seasoned logs.

Our logs come in two handy sizes, Net sacks or large Woven Sacks

Collected price from Backhurst Country Store, Normandy.




Backhurst Firewood Kindling 


Megabags Woven Sacks a clean and covenient way to buy and store logs




Backhurst Firewood Logs Large Megabags woven sacks approx 25kg-30kg = 120ltr

Collected price         £8.00 per sack

Delivered* 10+sacks  £8.50 per sack   *subject to being on or regular delivery round


Traditional Housecoal20kg£8.13
Traditional Housecoal10kg
Brazier Smokeless20kg£12.47
Homefire Ovals20kg
Homefire Smokeless20kg
Homefire Smokeless10kg
Homefire Ecoal 50 smokeless20kg
Homefire Ecoal 50 smokeless10kg
Homefire Firelighters x12 98p
Wildfire Super Coal20kg



Delivered Prices


1-4 woven sacks      £10.00 per sack

5-9 woven sacks       £9.00 per sack

10-24 woven sacks    £8.50 per sack

 25 woven sack           £8.00 per sack