After Work Wash N Rub
Reference: LINIMENT
Green liniment concentrate. After work acts as a brace to tighten and revive the tired body and legs.
Variations Available: 500ml
Cider Vinegar
Reference: GOLD LABEL
Feed to older, arthritic and laminitic horses and ponies. Maintains vitality and flexibility joints.
Variations Available: 1l
Cod Liver Oil
Reference: GOLD LABEL
A blend of cod liver oil, fish oils and rapeseed oils.
Variations Available: 1l
Linseed Oil
Reference: GOLD LABEL
Feed to promote a healthy skin and shinny coat. A natural source of omega 3, 6 % 9
Variations Available: 1l
Liquid Garlic
Reference: KM ELITE
Stimulates the appetite, supports respiratory health, maintains healthy blood pressure, contains antioxidants and assists the immune system. Analytical Constituents: Cr Ash 1%, Cr Fibre 0.1%, Cr Oil 1%, Cr Protein 1%
Variations Available: 1l
Salmon Oil
Reference: GOLD LABEL
A straight feedstuff for the maintenance of health and fitness from its 23.5% total omega 3 fatty acids.
Variations Available: 1l
Vitamin & Mineral Supplement
Everyday vitamin and mineral